Producing for Winners

Learn how to put the money on the screen


This class will be offered in the Fall. Apply for a spot today to be considered for this cohort. (12 spots available)


What we'll cover

Session 1 - know your Script

How to prep your story

In the session, you'll learn how and why as Producers, we:

  • help Showrunners achieve their vision.
  • hire great Directors that can deliver.
  • work with Writers and Directors to reach that goal.
  • break down prep and cast the crew (just as important as the actors on screen).
  • hire department heads and get the best from them.
  • give the show the maximum chance for success.

Session 2 - Budgeting on a dime

How to make a budget, how to read a budget

In the session, you'll learn how and why we:

  • break down the script into what it will cost.
  • separate the money into amortization and pattern budgets.
  • create the almighty episodic pattern budget.
  • fit the money to the project or the project to the money.
  • debunk the mysteries of fringes.
  • art and commerce, how we choose the spend the money for the best bang for the buck.

We will review a television show budget in detail as we discuss the above.*

*We WILL talk about all levels of projects and budgets attendees are interested in -- we can cover indie films, TV movies, low budget basic cable series, network series, hi-profile/premium cable series, direct to online series and movies, studio movies and big budget event movies.

*We WON'T talk about how to sell your project or how to get funding. It's about how to spend the money when you get it.

Session 3 - how the dough is made

Running an efficient crew through shooting and post

In the session, you'll learn how and why we:

  • manage the shoot day, make hard choices and still shoot the script.
  • support the actors to get their best work.
  • ensure the director can shoot their day and make great TV.
  • watch dailies and what to look for.
  • navigate post production.
  • quality control sound and picture, separate disciplines.
  • lock and air great episodes!
I’ve never worked with anyone as dedicated to his students’ success as John Roman.
— Dylan T.

Who should take this class

  • Early Career Producers
  • Production Coordinators
  • Anyone making a transition into scripted episodic or feature film Producing
  • Ben Kingsley

About the Instructor

John L. Roman has over 37 years of experience in Film and TV, producing with one of TV's most prolific creators Dick Wolf for over half those years. Among their credits together, ExiledDeadlineLaw and Order: Criminal Intent and new series Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. John is currently producing Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. Read his full filmography on Follow him @johnlroman and read his blog at

This class will be offered this Fall. Apply for a spot today to be considered for this cohort. (12 spots available)