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7 Strategies to Guide You Through the World of TV Writing

Writers for TV spend most of their early careers working a lot by themselves in an empty room supervising no one. As soon as they gain success in TV, they are immediately expected to supervise and Produce. Hard to get the time to train for it, but when you do get the chance here are 7 strategies to guide you through the world of TV writing. 

1. Write for your world, but be prepared to accept what you find on location. A sense of place rarely trumps a good rebate. Use what can be shot. It will always look better. [Read more]

Make Me a Church & Burn It, Please…

During my years in NY producing Law & Order Criminal Intent, I had many a hairy and stressful episode, but a few do stand out.  You should always be wary of episode titles, like ‘On Fire’…

Criminal Intent was basically Sherlock Holmes of the NYPD. Our lead actor played a very strange, very smart and very entertaining detective who always (almost) got his man. The structure of the show moved to an extensive final, climactic scene; we always called it the ‘aria’ –a last scene that ran 7-10 pages with our hero and the suspects leading to the reveal of the killer. The brilliant Rene’ Balcer, L&OCI’s original Showrunner, always created a structure that used one main set, or world we would inhabit, and that would be the same place we would stage the aria. [Read more]