About the School

The John Roman School of Film was founded by experienced Producer John L. Roman to help filmmakers advance their careers. We offer producing, directing and writing classes in addition to classes on breaking into the business.

Our aim is to support emerging and existing professionals as they transition to their next step. In the last several years, digital media has changed the way we approach our work.  As we continue to push innovation, it is important that we ensure support for the artists and evolve the craft of filmmaking for the better. 

We offer small seminars that give students an opportunity to ask specific questions and get personalized feedback. Our coursework includes real example materials and techniques that students can put into practice.

Classes are offered on evenings and weekends in Los Angeles.


About John L. Roman

John L. Roman has been working in film and television for over 36 years.  These days, he's producing Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders. A couple years ago, Dick Wolf connected John with writers Derek Haas and Michael Brandt.  They went to Chicago and started up Chicago Fire for NBC Universal/Wolf Films.  Previously, he produced Law and Order: Criminal Intent for many years in New York.  His career has never been dull – he has weathered the winter for Groundhog Day and blown up the streets of Chicago on Backdraft.

John got his start shooting commercials in Detroit and Chicago and has shot in many different cities from New York to LA to Vancouver.  From his early days as a Chicago A.D. to producing in New York, he has learned the key to putting a great cast & crew together to produce successful shows.  He likes to put the money on the screen, finding creative ways to tell stories rather than letting the budget drive the story.

Before starting his film school, John taught at the USC School of Cinema.

Find him on IMDb or follow him on Twitter.

John Roman with Pat Quinn

John Roman walks the sets of Chicago Fire with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn